A Note from Pastor Danny on E4:12- 

I remember the place where I was sitting the first time I understood Ephesians 4:12... and it totally changed my life!! This one short verse empowered, encouraged, and emboldened my wife and I to such an extent that our lives have never been the same. Basically, it teaches that God wants ALL believers to do ministry - not just some!! In other words, He wants YOU to be involved in the building up of the Body of Christ. How amazing!! I had always (wrongly) thought that it was the pastor's responsibility to do all the ministry!! 

So, the sole aim of our sunday school (E4:12) is to do just one thing: "to train the saints in the work of ministry, to build up the body of Christ." So, if you want to be trained to take your personal ministry to the next level, please join Pastor Danny and the CrossLife staff on Sunday mornings, 9:00AM, in the Fireside Room at Grace Bible Church. We will study Scripture to equip us in ministry such as: discipleship, evangelism, apologetics, hermeneutics, practical ecclesiology, biblical counselling, etc... in order to build up the Body of Christ!! We invite all saints to come and grow in their love for ministry!! Please come join us!